Native advertising makes marketing natural


It’s an unassailable fact: we get bored when someone tries to sell us something. It can be daunting to keep a customer’s attention in a world of distractions, especially when they’re involved in a TV show, magazine article or browsing online. Thankfully, we’ve got native advertising.

Imagine a world where an ad doesn’t completely stop the show, a world where the advertisement might even be the show. Native advertising doesn’t trick viewers into thinking it’s content, like those hollow advertorials that have left us all feeling a little deceived. Native advertising actually is content.

Say you’re working on the marketing for a local auto body shop; when winter rolls around, putting together a blog post about caring for your car in the snow is absolutely relevant to the needs of the consumer, and if the writer includes quotes and information provided by that auto body shop, they get a nice plug and can show off their expertise. That’s native advertising in a nutshell.

It’s not limited to blog posting; the only specific requirements for native advertising are that it be intuitively presented and include content that’s valuable to the viewer. Social media accounts are perfect for native advertising because, like the example above, it gives businesses a chance to help customers and create brand awareness just by sharing relevant information.

BizBuzz’s social media strategy is based around this concept, with a focus on posting high-quality images, informative links and interesting tips about using technology and social media to develop brands. That information is relevant to what we do, and what people interested in our company are going to be working on.

Facebook encourages this kind of content by measuring user engagement and promoting those posts in the news feed. The short version of that story is to say that it’s a lot like a popularity contest, and content users actually care about wins  over a more direct “You Buy Now!”

We keep that in mind while we’re running social media campaigns for our clients, which keeps their posts alive in the news feed and reminds potential customers who to see when they need to buy a new car or get a credit card. Users are less likely to scan right by something that’s relevant to their needs, and they’re far more likely to respond to calls to action when they’re engaged. Our client businesses are humanized and much more relatable than more direct advertising would allow.

Native isn’t a replacement for direct advertising, but it’s a great way to serve your customers even as you build recognition and good will for your brand or business.