Content Marketing – How to Share Successfully, Part 2

Now that we’ve discussed the basics of content sharing, especially how to pick what to work with, we’ve still got more to discuss: where do we find content in the first place?

It’s not so hard, once you understand the ethics of sharing: virtually everything online, from articles to videos, images and games, is supported by ad revenue generated from users visiting the pages that host the content. Even content that’s not built around ad revenue can benefit from being shared to relevant audiences. This means that most content creators are not only happy to have their material shared, but actively encourage it. In short: share away.

So now that our consciences are settled, how do we find sites that serve content we’ll find useful? Here are a few of our favorite tips:

Find industry-relevant media

Yahoo Tech

Most industries have at least a few sites that dominate media coverage of that industry. We’re fans of Yahoo Tech and Engadget for our updates about tech and apps, for instance, while sites like Mashable and Moz keep tabs on social media news and trends. Businesses that specialize in home improvement might keep an eye on sources like This Old House and Bob Vila, and car companies will want to check in with auto review blogs.

Also, if you’re a franchisee for a corporate entity, it’s a great idea to find the official Facebook and Twitter pages for your company, where the public relations department will be pouring out images and news for you to work into your own schedule.

Check the competition

Even if you know exactly what you’re doing, it’s a good idea to keep up with what the competition is doing with their advertising, and that’s no less true for social media. How often do they post, what kind of interaction are they getting from followers and what kind of posts are pulling in the most engagement?

Not only can this open you up to new sites, blogs and video channels to monitor for content, but it can also inform your own activities. Is the competition doing poorly? See what they’re missing and make sure you provide it. Are they doing well? Emulate (but don’t copy) their tactics and build up your engagement.

Google News


If you don’t have any sites in mind that fit your industry, the next step is to search. Google is a great place to start digging for the information you need, especially with their Google News service. Searching for something like “winter tire care” will net you an entire internet worth of articles, but they can be from any date, even years ago. While taking care of tires probably hasn’t changed much since 2011, we’re always aiming for content that’s current, just in case it has.

Google News helps by showing search results from the last few days and weeks first. This is a great way to keep up with industry news that might be interesting to your customer base, which helps you become a mouthpiece for news and events.

To use Google News, perform a regular Google search for your topic of interest. When the results page appears, click on “News” just below the search bar and you’ll get current news about your search terms. To automate the process, click “Create Alert” at the bottom of the News results page and you’ll be able to set up a daily or weekly digest email that will bring the news to you.

Have any tips, tricks or hints that you’ve discovered while working with content marketing? Share them in the comments below.