Is Google Allo ready to take on Facebook Messenger?

Facebook’s Messenger might finally have some competition, with Google introducing their new chat client, Allo, in the coming weeks. It works more or less like Messenger, at its core: users connect through an account (Gmail instead of Facebook) and chat using text and photos. The difference is in the details: Allo promises to have deeper

Stick figure staring at computer, irritated

Losing access: protect your business profile

For everything that has to be managed on social media — user engagement, customer service requests and keeping content fresh and interesting — one concern small business owners often overlook is the passage of time. Employees quit their jobs and social management firms close their doors. When they’re gone, they often take access to online

Exclamation points in advertising

  The exclamation point is one of the deadliest forms of punctuation in the English arsenal. It doesn’t carry a gun (like the semicolon, which will happily kill an entire paragraph for kicks), but it’s a risky addition to any sentence, and it’s always taking lives. The victim is frequently social media ad copy. Social