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Make Photo Content with Canva

Every great blog post and status update needs a great image, and Canva makes great images easy to create. We’ve been using’s free service for nearly two years, and we’re still surprised at how much can be done in no time flat. Canva’s easy to learn, so we put together a guide to help

Apps we love: our favorite productivity apps

We’ve covered a great many apps on the BizBuzz blog — everything from managing data and to-do lists to weather watching — but there are still plenty of apps that don’t fall under those umbrellas that we love and use every day, or think are worth a mention for their innovative or useful features. We’ve gathered together a short list of

Picking the perfect task manager

Of all the tasks that need to be organized from day to day — shopping, work, personal events and appointments — finding a task management app is surprisingly (and maybe a bit ironically) difficult. There are plenty of options out there for keeping track of your to-do list digitally, offering levels of complexity from simple