instagram stories: the new snapchat

Instagram is like a museum of the big moments of a person’s life, and Snapchat is the quick and easy spot for moment-by-moment updates. Snapchat shares disappear within 24 hours. Their impermanence makes them feel less lofty, a little easier to create, toss around to friends and forget. Instagram posts live forever, and users want

Apps we love: our favorite productivity apps

We’ve covered a great many apps on the BizBuzz blog — everything from managing data and to-do lists to weather watching — but there are still plenty of apps that don’t fall under those umbrellas that we love and use every day, or think are worth a mention for their innovative or useful features. We’ve gathered together a short list of

Ingress – exploration through local domination

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve discovered Ingress, an augmented reality game that’s gottenpositive remarks in the press and captured the attention of at least one of BizBuzz’s tech-savvy friends. Ingress works a bit like geocaching — the app is a real-time map that tracks your cellphone’s GPS signal, leading you to landmarks where