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Just another brick in the web

Website design for local businesses is a delicate thing. A design firm needs to know everything relevant about their client company before building them a website, from locations to services to shipping policies and the owner’s preferred color scheme. Good web design is deliberate. But there’s a trend we’re noticing locally, with businesses tied to

Facebook Messenger moves out

Facebook recently launched a standalone, web-based version of their Messenger service, where users can send and receive messages just like they can on Facebook — without all the Facebook. If you’ve used the Messenger app on your smartphone you’ll be familiar with the interface, which is like a blown-up version of the app. There’s

Picking the perfect task manager

Of all the tasks that need to be organized from day to day — shopping, work, personal events and appointments — finding a task management app is surprisingly (and maybe a bit ironically) difficult. There are plenty of options out there for keeping track of your to-do list digitally, offering levels of complexity from simple

Weather apps for your smartphone

Northeast Alabama’s last few weeks have been typical of Southern winter: freezing in the morning, okay at noon, winter storms threatening to swoop in from the north, delaying schools and whipping up milk and bread buying frenzies. Keeping up can be confusing. There’s always been the option of watching the Weather Channel, but we live